Nutrition, weight loss and detoxification are the foundations of my practice.  The million dollar question throughout medical school and my professional career have been “What’s the secret to weight loss?” The secret is, there is no secret except following the laws of nature and working with your own body individually.

The line I also hear the most is “I want to lose weight first and get healthy after”.  Once we understand that in order to lose weight, we must first be healthy, we will always be stuck at a weight we do not desire.  If we are also not detoxifying properly, we will further halt weight loss.  Everything must flow and work together.  We also must be healthy emotionally and not eat our feelings.

Together we can:

  • Discover if you have food sensitivities/allergies that are causing weight gain
  • Unveil physiological reasons for unhealthy weight (diabetes, genetic mutations, thyroid, hormones,
    nutrients deficiencies, etc).
  • Individual your weight loss by blood type, activity level, occupation, health history etc.
  • Put a stop to emotional eating patterns by simple tricks, tips, and EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Benefits include:

  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss that you can keep off for a life-time
  • Doctor supervised detoxing that is safe and effective
  • Curbing sugar cravings
  • Learn how to make your favorite foods healthier and still delicious
  • Helping you transition from old dietary habits to new and healthier ones
  • Teaching you how to eat out and still make healthy decisions
  • Feeling lighter & more confident
  • Break free from emotional eating
  • Fitting into your “skinny” pants or dress!

Click here for a DIY 3 or 6 week detoxification plan