"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."- Rumi

I often get asked if I was "this healthy" all of my life, and how I find the time to maintain my lifestyle because it is "so hard" to be healthy.

The reality is, this has been a change I have made within the last ten years. I was just like you; tired, stressed, and at a corporate NYC job taking multiple antacid and anxiety medications as well as downing coffee to function. I also had chronic gastrointestinal complaints and was told by conventional doctors that I was healthy/normal and to see a psychologist since they were convinced it was "in my head".  It was not until I saw a naturopathic doctor in Connecticut who changed my life. He found that I had intestinal parasites (worms to be exact!) and hemolytic Ecoli in my gut!  He used naturopathic testing that was more thorough and was able to detect such things. I wasn't crazy after all.  We know our body and we know when something is not right.  Always trust that! I also found out that I had a sensitivity to gluten which was also not detected with the tests I had done.  After this I knew that my life in my corporate advertising job was not what I wanted to spend my life's journey doing; I wanted to be that Naturopathic doctor who puts a smile on patient's face and affirm what they are feeling is real, and nurture them back to a state of ideal health.  It didn't take overnight to get to where I am today, however, with the drive and the right support, you can live that life. 

So for that, now you know why I am not your average doctor.