Meditation: Relaxation is a non-negotiable to get through our busy days and weeks. Quieting our mind in a world so loud is extremely difficult for us. However, when we are able to do that, that is when we know our truth; in that silence. That is where we can truly reset and re-charge. Not everyone meditates the same. It can be as easy as stepping into the bathroom stall during work, closing our eyes and doing deep breathing for 3 minutes. There are
no rules!

Mind-body therapies: Many of us have gone through significant traumatic events in our childhood and even our adulthood. These traumas, although you may think you have forgotten, can make imprints on you that store in your cells and tissues. These traumas can cause physical ailments like digestive complaints, autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Traumatic events can alter the way you interact and whom you attract into your life to this day. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is an easy technique I can guide you through to break the negative thoughts that are no longer serving you.